the newest trend since well I don’t know when

You have entered and joined the marvelous world of Fitbit users. (February 07, of 2016) and since then I’ve had the Flex, Alta and now Charge HR.

Flex: I got for my birthday (early) gift to myself in February. I enjoyed that but it didn’t have all the features everyone else had. Floors climbed and man when I was using my fitbit at work I could have rocked that many times over since I was always running up and down stairs between the kitchen and pantry.

Alta: Great device still don’t recall it tracking floors… but hey I only had it less than a week and returned it for full cash price and switched it out…
Device was fun minus the constant vibration of Text/Call Alerts don’t get me wrong came in handy when I wasn’t near my phone it would let me know someone was trying to get in touch with me but it also was a great way to drain a battery.

Charge HR: This device is well AMAZING when it works like it should… monitors heart-rate, counts floors climbed and even tells you when people are calling … neat right … yeah well my first one was flawed and had to be charged every two days and well that wasn’t cool. So fitbit sent me a replacement free of charge which was nice … and well seems as if it’s a repeat so … let’s see how this goes… I like my fitbit and like the features of the Charge HR but miss some of the Alta features (text notifications) and well yeah the simple size counts too but … let’s see what happens if I upgrade come tax season or Christmas time or not.

I use my fitbit currently to gain weight for my current pregnancy. Before I used fitbit to keep active and constantly on the go instead of letting things get to me and do nothing… came in handy since I got my mother and brother and fiance hooked on fitbit too. Once the baby is born it will be to help me get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. So watch my journy through the life of me getting fit and staying fit with the help of my awesome fitbit and the fitbit users in my local community.