My Life Story💕

My name is Amanda.

I was born in Western Massachusetts back in 1989 so yeah that makes me 27 (I’m writing this again in October of 2016).
I am a natural red headed country gal who loves her American Flag just as much as the Confederate Flag, and before y’all go get your damn nickers in a twist… GET A HISTORY LESSON before you start bashing me! I’m a total country gal who enjoys working on my own vehicles.


I have three sons who are my life and I’m currently pregnant with my forth.
I was married for three years & am divorced. During my divorce process I dated whom I thought was the HOTTEST COUNTRY BOY who stole my smile with a snowball fight, stole my heart in our late night chats & ran away with it when he told me he loved me. But most if not all of that was a lie and well ended rather shitty. But no love lost there as they say. I’m now engaged to a long time friend of mine whom is the father of my unborn child.

I’m an open book, I’m still young & still learning… I’ve accepted my demons & am conquering them everyday thankfully with the help of my family & friends.

I love you Sean, Connor & Kayden don’t let anyone tell you otherwise mommy truly loves you. I also love you too Baby Jeffrey whom is due in November of 2016. You’re brother’s can’t honestly wait to meet you and well neither can I.

I loved you Randy Letourneau… I’m so thankful you pegged me with a snowball, invited me on countless winter tows & had me drive you back to your shop. I found happiness in you, in us & in life again.  You  showed me I’m actually worth something. I was blessed to have you in my life as my boyfriend & as my friend. Now I’m just blessed to have you as a lesson in life of what I deserve and what I don’t deserve. At the end of the day I’m happy for what we had and shared but I’m happier knowing that I was able to be apart of you’re life even if you threw me out life trash because that goes on your character not mine.

I love you Andrew Blais… you waited nine years to ask me out and did well it was amazing at the start but we’ve had our ups and downs especially since we hadn’t been dating long when we found out we were pregnant. Eeeks what a shocker and scare but it wasn’t something we were afraid of we accepted it and welcomed it. I eventually decided to move to Maine which probably was the toughest choice in my life, and well I still battle it every day I just choose to keep some demons to myself.

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