Blogging Sorry

Alright, I’m bad at this crap… wasn’t really that great before but tried my hardest… Oh well so this year I also fumbled at February Photography and keeping up with all of my projects but that’s because life is always moving and things are always changing in everyone’s lives.

So here I am …. Starting OVER and FRESH…. next year will be a better chance for February Photography and trying to keep up with all my neat projects I want to do along the way. And I’m completely okay with that. Gives me time to set up a time each day to do it and make it clear to those I live with that it’s something that I just need to do to keep in touch with myself… it’s kinda like ones guilty pleasure except mine usually pertains to photography. Completely innocent and helps expand my skills.

So what I’m looking at doing to save my blogging life… is this.

Update all my pages and make them neat and careful some will constantly update.
Update my header… unsure of what it will be but it will be something done with my photography and maybe have something from my heart written up there.
I’ll be stopping in cold tracks my projects for this year… unfortunately I just won’t have time but I’ll be sharing the journey of my pregnancy with you all in this blog along with keeping fit.
Oh and new SIGNATURE! need to update things and get things from the past off this if I want to keep moving forward with a great future.

So keep watching.


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