Joined FitBit

Well there is this new trend with FitBit everyone seems to have one like its the new rave, and well honestly for some people it is. For me it’s to help me not be so LAZY! When I have days off and am not doing things with my kids I’m quiet the lazy ass. Sorry for swearing but that’s honestly who I am, a swearing person who doesn’t give a flying fuck what someone thinks. 

So I decided today was the day to venture out on a 2.1 mile run/walk/run up my road, down the neighboring road and straight down the main drag of town. Let me explain the logic there I was stressed and felt trapped at my place and felt the fresh air might do me some good. Also maybe help me not smoke so many cigarettes too. 

So I tracked it all with my iPhone and the fun predownloaded app that comes on the iPhone. Then downloaded again map my run which SUCKS, don’t recommend getting it, waist of space. So for today here’s my awesome start on fit bit. 

wasn’t bad but wasn’t great !!!! 

I need to get up to 10,000 steps a day!!!!


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