Burning Flame


It’s small,
It’s narrow,
It’s poison in every drag,
It’s a fulfilling rush that stings the very depth of my soul.
This small burning flame that lights up in my hand,
That kills all of my horrible fears,
That helps me face every struggle that comes my way,
That poison rush in every drag that helps me attack each and every day of my life.
This small cigarette that burns my inner fears and downs my crazy demonizing thoughts that burden my every day life,
And the wandering judgmental eyes that sting me with their glaring stares questioning why I endure those cancerous sticks that shorten my life.
Every drag that I encounter and let fill my lungs gives me the power to handle it all.
So I chose to enjoy every long and poisons drag of every cigarette that I smoke with a smile on my face and a laugh before each exhale as they pass their snickering judgments.
it’s a work in progress, something I started writing late last night early this morning, tell me what you think… give me some advice…
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