January 31st, 2016 *Photo Shoot*


Since today is the last day of January and tomorrow starts the month long fun of my February Photography project I decided what better idea was to of course take out my Nikon D3200 and have a little fun. Plus the weather was perfect. Can’t wait to see what amazing shots I can get this month. Some might be similar to last year and some will be completely NEW since I’m no longer living in Pelham, Mass anymore. So here is some of my photo shoot from earlier today … tell me what you think… I book photography shoots so don’t hesitate to contact me for that too.

Amanda@AHattPhotography.com is my e-mail to my business and goes directly to my phone so I’ll get the e-mails right away. 

I traveled from Pelham Massachusetts all the way to Belchertown Mass to Amherst Mass. I love photography and have been into it for many years now and decided a couple years back that I wanted to start doing free lance photography. I enjoy doing shoots for family and friends but would love to branch out. 

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