The Good Sister 


I’m the good sister today and well last night. Since my sisters car alternater went I brought her to work last night and offered to pick her up in the morning. Which I’m currently doing to the lovely temp of freezing cold in western mass. Ha ha ha we are so used to it and being this tired I threw on my jeans from last night, my hoodie and boyfriends jacket along with my camo of course and my camo slippers and headed out the door to get her with smudged make-up. Welcome to the life of woah.


Snap Chat Selfie cause know one would believe this



oh yeah of course I’d post to snap chat my cuteness first thing in the morning cause fuck it who cares.

Yup that’s the redneck in me 💚💕💚

Well since I’m so nice I’m gonna keep the car running and warm for my sister for when she gets out of work.




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