it’s been a long three days in and out of medical offices trying to figure out what’s up, today we realized I’m actually allergic to an antibiotic and they’ve switched me drastically yet I can’t take my new medication because I wasn’t notified by my pharmacy it was ready until five minutes before they closed 😵😷 fail. Oh well my fever keeps fluctuating and Friday is our worst day to be our kitchen wise since it’s only me and one other person in prep. Thank goodness it’s only a 9-5 shift. I didn’t get to see the boyfriend today or yesterday which is sad but it’s life. Got to look at a future apartment which was even better. Wow four bedrooms in town. Hopefully my boss can write me that letter so I can send it to section 8 so that I can get this place. The sooner I’m out of my mothers the better honestly I love her but can’t stand the living together and all the drama that partakes in this place. Plus then I get to see my boyfriend a bit more and have many fun weekends with my kids. 

Well that’s all for tonight see you tomorrow blog world… keep watching I’m slowly updating my pages.   


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