Project 52 -Week 5-

Project 52 -Week 5-

This image is of Me this Monday. I was at work on my lunch break before calling my Handsome I snapped cute selfie, no make up just the raw and beautiful me. I then called him since the night before he was at the hospital and I was worried sick about him and still am to this day. He’s the love of my life the apple to my eye and the key to my heart along with my three boys. After leaving my now ex husband I never thought or want to find love again and I stopped looking and it found me … A SNOWBALL straight to the face by the man who has my heart and won’t give it back. I’m okay with this we’ve planned a lovely future together. He’s been by my side at the worst times in my life and then some. So this picture is me wearing his jacket, my scarfs and the beauty he loves. I’m not perfect but to him I’m what perfect is. That’s all that honestly matters.


Rocking my Handsome’s jacket while at work… he’ll never get it back! 

  True Love Lasts A Life Time … if you let it… True love isn’t something that you can just forget either it always finds it way back to it’s wholesome self. If two people are meant to be nothing can stop it not time or anything coming between it. Life’s tricky, bumps and road blocks but Love kills everything. I smile because I’m loved by him and my children, I smile because at the end of the day the “Goodnight Hot Girl” is what puts my mind at ease and knowing that first thing in the morning “Goodmorning Beautiful” is what gets me up and motivated for the day.


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