Transformation Tuesday 

 Well HERE IT IS!!!!
Transformation Tuesday!

Welcome back Tuesday … unfortunately I was not at work for more than an hour today when I had an emergency appointment over at CDH in Northampton, but Here’s my TRANSFORMATION. January 2015 to January 2016 not much has changed my hair is lightening back up to my natural read although you can’t really sit it in that picture!  

January 2015 compared to January 2016

3 years and the only thing that has changed is I look more tired, my hair color is fading from black back to red… I’ll do another one later when my hair is down 🙂 

 Well that’s my transformation come back next week to see what else I pick!

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4 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday 

  1. Where is your title photo from? I like it. Don’t remember seeing it in any of your posts though!!

    As for transformation… It may not be physically changed but sometimes its mind, heart, soul…


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