40 Random Monday Moments!

40 Random Monday Moment’s!
silly but fun and wasting time

*40 Truthful Facts about me that are completely RANDOM for today!*


1.) Age?: 26 going on 27

2.) Single?: … Nope! Happily Taken

3.) Crushing?: the one I’m dating 🙂

4.) Miss your ex?: which ex?!

5.) Favorite color?: Green, Black and Camo

6.) Favorite music?: Country

7.) Favorite band/artist?: Rascal Flatts

8.) Talents?: …

9.) In love?: yes

10.) Hobbies?: working on cars, photography, poetry

11.) Gamer?: no

12.) Swag/emo/scene?: no

13.) Long/short hair?: long

14.) Height?: 5′ 4″

15.) Weight?: 101.8 lbs

16.) Eye color?: hazel/green

17.) Hair color?: red/brown

18.) Shirt color?: green

19.) Jeans or shorts?: jeans

20.) Married?: Divorced

21.) Have kids?: yes, 3

22.) Been divorced?: yes 2016

23.) Favorite food? pickles

24.) Had or have depression?: yeah back in high school

25.) Self harmed?: no

26.) Thought of suicide?: no

27.) Someone you love?: yes I’ve got four currently

28.) Someone you hate?: nawh ain’t worth the time

29.) Dream job?: owning my own mechanic shop

30.) Got tattoos?: yes

31.) Got piercings?: yes

32.) Worst day of your life? : when my soulmate broke up with me

34.) Best day of your life?: when my children were born

35.) Biggest fear?: never finding the love i had with my soulmate

36.) Biggest insecurity? : my body

37.) Most painful memory?: don’t want to write it here

38.) Something you regret?: yes … but I’m not sure it would have changed anything and I wasn’t ready to be a single parent again

39.) Hardest thing you had to do?: walk away from the love of my life

40.) Worst decision of your life?: not fighting hard enough


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