The Joys of Car Rentals

The Joys of Car Rentals
okay it’s really not all that joyful in the end

There's a long story to a sad life that lead to the constant need for a random
car rental and I'm thankful that my friend who didn't have to help, helped
me out when no one else really could. Thankfully I've still got a little luck
on my side.

So to get on with this story of why I need a rental car. Keep in mind I’m 26 years young and am still learning and still making mistakes along the way. No one is perfect and well who wants to be perfect. I used to drive a 2006 GMC Yukon XL Denali that was well perfect until I new the warranty was up and things were slowly going wrong with her and well I didn’t have the money for repairs and at the time was going through a ROCKY part of my marriage yet it ended up in divorce anyways and that’s another story for another time. Do I miss that SUV yes every day of my life. Would I get another in a heart beat if I had the credit and well money. Money is a key part of life these days. So I traded that beautiful Yukon in for a LOVELY and SEXY 2011 Dodge Ram unaware of the shit storm that would fallow a year later, don’t take things for granted that’s for sure because they don’t ALWAYS last forever. *Same goes for Love*

My truck was repossessed on Thursday (1.14.16)  morning at 3 am by Recovery Zone out of West Springfield. Which was the worst morning for me in a week of shit luck. So I tried to save my truck by asking family and friends a total of 55 people to help me get my truck from going to auction and well that didn’t happen since no one could really help since it fell right after the Holidays. But I cried and felt like shit for awhile and what felt like an eternity without a vehicle became a slow nightmare. I thought I would never wake up from it everything was falling apart except for the love that I’m sharing with someone who shall remain nameless. So after thinking and doing research and looking for my next new vehicle and by new I mean a beater that can be worked on and fixed up if need be I thought about a car rental and that’s when the idea popped into my head and although I hated this idea it was a last resort and something that was needed to be done. I’ve got a rental for two weeks and well will be renting until my taxes come back that’s when I pay off excise tax on my vehicles from the past and well see what I have left to get a cheap but safe vehicle and thankfully I’ve got a the best guy doing some looking for me. 

I thought I was getting a Chevy Cruz but it turns out I got a 2016 Hyundai Accent with less than 1400 on the vehicle I won’t complain but it’s def. not my kinda vehicle but I’m not going to complain it gets me from point A to point B with no problems.


So let’s see this journey of epic car rentals and how long it can go on till I get my own vehicle one again. Thanks to the mystery man who did it and thanks to the mystery man finding me and my babies a safe vehicle. Keep watching as there will be many stories to the epic journey of car rentals. I’m sure of it.


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