Movie Review -Come Back To Me-

by Amanda Ann Marie

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Movie Title: COME BACK TO ME
Movie Genera: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Release Date: July 25, 2014
Length: 90 minutes

The movie Come Back To Me that was release on July 25 of 2014 has made it’s way to my cue on Netflix and well since I’m into Horror/Thriller flicks I figured sure why not. Not having any idea of what I’d be getting myself into. I figure scare myself shit-less but no it’s a mind twisting horror that leaves you questioning and wondering many different things. The movie after doing some research is based of the book “The Resurrection by Wrath James White” which unfortunately I never read and probably will never read… Heck I haven’t finished my books on iTunes then again I can’t log into my iPad so that doesn’t really help. But back to this movie.

It starts off with a horrible murder scene, with a young boy his mother and father. You don’t really know much about what is actually going on but the boys mother is killed by the father and once the police arrive there is a shooting where the father is killed. The boy goes into his mothers death room and says “Mama its going to be alright they got him, walks over to her body and brings her back to life” unfortunately you don’t actually don’t see what he does to bring her back we just notice that by the way her feet move and she flinches.  Then the movie jumps to the NOW part of life and the boy is older living on his own and living his life, we don’t know much about him or what had happened between the resurrection of his mother and him growing up. It’s now focusing on a happily married couple from the looks of it. Although they had been through something tragic when the wife was in a car accident we never really see it’s just part of the back story she’s got a scare on forehead. (keep watch it’s important) In the starting of the now scene Sarah the woman from the car accident and her husband Josh welcome their new neighbor with a plate full of cookies unaware of the hell they are about to stumble in upon.

As the movie goes on you notice the woman from the car accident has a friend who’s knocked up but they make the comment she doesn’t know who the father is … and it could only people of two people unaware of a deeper darker mystery that comes forth when she realizes her former bag boy has moved in across the street from her friend. She does question him why he moved and he explained he’s not into dogs. Which didn’t play a key part to anything until later in the movie so please remember that. Unaware of everything going on the woman digs into researching herself when she’s asleep thinking she’s got small case of sleep walking going on since her friend suggested it. So the woman hides a camera in her house and catches something HORRIFIC and THREATENING to her life. Keep in mind she soon finds out she’s pregnant but her husband is STERILE. So please explain that and the husband automatically assumes that his wife has been cheating. SO he decided to drink and leave but his coworker convinces him return home unaware of the mystery his wife uncovers. Although her frantic phone call urging her husband not to return home fails she goes home thinking she’s won this battle unaware that the guy behind this all has dressed her husband up as him were she shoots him dead until she realizes it and it’s too LATE. She then begs him to bring him back and he refuses because he didn’t kill him. So she attempts to trick him and fails it’s a fight for life or death unaware that once they KILL the deranged boy/man EVERY WOMAN that he’s brought back from the dead DIES. As they are slowly dying the camera flashes to the town and through the town were you see some of the boys victims and ends in the hospital were her friend had given birth to a little boy who’s still alive but she’s dead on the floor. Leaving the viewers to ultimately think that man was the father to the child just born yet we fully never know even if the woman who’d just given birth after her friends on her way to confront this man starts suspecting it.

Over all the movie was good I’ll give it a 3.5 because there were times it did loose my attention and times I was on the edge of my seat questioning everything that was going on. It was honestly something that isn’t horribly scary but mind twisting. Sick too but mind twisting but worth the watch. Recommend it’s done on Netflix though cause it’s free with a membership.

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