Man Crush Monday -Love From the Past-

Man Crush Monday
it’s Monday again! & well we all know what that means… Another day were we share who we are crushing on… 

Man Crush Monday unsure of who invented this weird thing it’s a hash-tag on Instagram that started I’m not sure when and well I started it a couple years ago I think, maybe a year ago unaware of the weird trend it has … I don’t do it ever Monday though.

My Man Crush goes out to an ex of mine… but I still love him and miss him dearly.


Randy & I 2.19.15 Happiness & Love

My ex Randy has been a HUGE part of my life since we met, unaware of the love story that would spiral from it and knowing that we’ve actually know each other unaware of the fate that love had for us. We may not be dating currently but he’s still my go to guy. The one I call when I’m feeling broken, the one I call when my life’s a mess and the one who has been there for the last year with no judgments. For that he’s my man crush and he always will be. I will always love him from the bottom of my heart. It’s a love that won’t go away and will only get stronger over the years.

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