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Pay The Ghost

Movie Title: Pay The Ghost
Movie Genera: Horror, Thriller
Release Date: September 25, 2015
Length: 94 minutes

Pay the Ghost a horror/thriller that was released in 2015 staring Nicolas cage is about a professor and wife that search for their missing son that was abducted on Halloween in the city of New York.
Nicolas Cage takes his son to a block party carnival on Halloween after missing their night of trick or treating which he felt horrible upsetting for him missing such an important part of his sons life. But before they went off he did tell his wife that he did get tenure which was a big deal because things will get even better for them.
So off they went but during the day when his son was trick or treating with his mother he noticed a weird bird (pay attention to this bird you’ll see it through out the movie) and stood frozen in fear when his mom noticed he wasn’t with them turned around and asked if everything was alright in which the child asked his mother if she could see the said bird he saw and sees. She couldn’t and along they went until they headed home were they met up with dad. During their time at the carnival the father is carrying his son on his shoulders so he could video tape the fun of the mysterious night. While the son is video taping everything going on around him the bird is near by flying around yet the child doesn’t seem to really notice. While video taping and his camera is pointed at an alley way a woman and rages appears and points at him then screams. In turn frighting the child to sit still and give the father reason to lower the child to the ground to see if he’s alright to which the child says yes and they head off to to get ice cream before heading home. While the father and son are deciding on ice cream they are standing in a huge crowd. As soon as its their time to order the father places his order and the son asks dad can we “pay the ghost” in which the father stunned shakes it off and then gets the ice cream turns to his son to notice he’s gone. Freaking out frantically he searches the crowd to find his missing son. While searching for his son he sees a boy dressed in a similar boy dressed up like his son with another person frantic the father turns the boy around thinking it is his son and realizes that it’s not. Frantically searching for his son he notices his sons hat and a police officer starts questioning the father and suggest maybe he just went home, so he sets off to their home to find out he’s not there. His wife who’s furious that he just left his son there bolts out the door with her husband not far behind. Shortly after the are speaking with detectives of the NYPD trying to get a idea of what’s going on and were their son is. A year almost goes by and then weird things start happening. They see him, they hear him and the father who hasn’t stopped searching for his son has been doing research and realizes every three years on Halloween children go missing THREE children to be exact. He calls the NYPD to investigate it and after going there so many times at first it seems like they don’t want to hear his out of his mind notion that something weird is happening on Halloween. But for some weird reason the NYPD officer asks a woman to do some research and look up missing children on Halloween for the last five or six years and notices something strange. Although the father hears nothing back from the NYPD him and his wife contact a woman to come into the house and have it spiritually checked out. While she is there she’s walking the boys room and as she’s about to leave his room something draws her to the window were she says their coming. Opens the window and is thrown against the wall dragged up the wall and fried from the inside all her organs melted. (You won’t learn that part until they do the investigation on the body.)  So he stays the night with his wife and during that time she harms herself by cutting into her arm a Celtic crest through research they learn something about that crest. They call in help through a coworker of his and she does research in these old books and learns a woman and her three children were burned at stakes in the earlier years and she warned them she’d come back and replace her three children with the lives of others on Halloween. After all that research is done the woman who informs her coworker is later that night thrown out of the school in were they teach by something, we never fully figure it out we just assume it’s the spirit trying to stop someone from saving the children. The father knows the place to go the place his son lead him one day when he thought he saw his son on the bus in which he saw a weird bird and followed it to a place were it was written on PAY THE GHOST, he follows the written saying and investigates on Halloween he goes back because he believes that’s the place. When he returns it’s empty all the homeless people are gone except the blind man. Who brings him to the place were you can cross to the other side, he warns him though you only have till midnight because if you don’t come back at midnight your trapped there. Frantically the father travels to the other side in search of his lost son in hopes he’ll find him. He finds his sons and rushes back to the other side but is stopped mid way by the woman in rages as she tries to stop him from crossing with his son and two other children that were taken that he’s trying to save. The other kidnapped children who have become spirits attack the woman in rages saving the children and father. Ultimately they make it back to the other side and everyone has a happy ending and the best part the children Do Not REMEMBER anything except their night trick or treating even though it’s been practically a year since their abduction.

RATING: I’ll give it a honest 4 it did scare the shit out of me at some points then some dragged on overall it was a great movie for someone to watch. I would def. recommend it.

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