Awe 💚💕 

There’s nothing more rewarding than being able to take what is supposed to be a short nap especially when you’re a parent. Honestly how many parents enjoy taking naps it’s that one time you get to have some down time. But today I took a nap longer than I was planning on… ooops!


Well I was tired after going to be around 2 am then getting up around 9 something this morning and literately ran around like a chicken with my head cut off. But then again when is that different from any other day in my life. I was up and out the door but the first stop was Dunkin’ of course for my lovely cup of hot coffee oh that’s heaven to my lips. Went and had blood work done, then went did a few things for Sunday and then came home had lunch and worked on blogs all afternoon. During that time I sent a text to the one who’s got my heart asking them to wake me up in about an hour or so, basically when they read my first message and like an hour after. Well that turned into two and a half hours and that was nice because the dream I was dreaming was AMAZING and well honestly I wouldn’t have minded sleeping through a few more hours in the world of happiness. But being woken up by a phone was so much more sweeter than I could have imagined. Especially when two minutes felt like forever in a good way. The laugh that  I missed, that sweet and handsome voice that always melted my heart in every which way that I never thought I’d find was on my phone waking me up telling me to get up beautiful and we’d see each other soon. Which was all I really needed to hear to motivate off the couch and get everything ready since we were having company over for dinner. 

Now waiting to hear if I’ll get to see that someone is like waiting for a pregnancy come to full term to meet the little one inside you… so now I’ll sit and wait to see if I’ll get to see that one person even if it’s just for a kiss and hug. It’s the simple things in life that keep me going. Love and family are the most important in my eyes and in my life. I’ve got all I need and they have all they need and they know who they are. I guess being dumped on New Years led my down a broken road to happiness once again. xoxo

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