🎲🎮Family Game Night🎮🎲

*Mobile Post*

So Friday night my brother has his long time friend over who’s like our brother too. He brought over a board game because I asked him to because there was so much room to have everyone in the living room again. YAY for speed cleaning and rearranging the living room the area in which I sleep.

So mom made dinner which my special someone couldn’t attend because of family engagements which was fine they called me earlier which was nice cause I was dreaming of them and to hear their voice when waking up was the best feeling in the world.

But back to family night… We all ate dinner watching Eight Crazy Nights of course a Adam Sandlers movie cause you can never go wrong with Adams Sandlers films while enjoy a nice family dinner. Before getting everyone together down around the board game for some family fun.

Jame s, Tony & Me


A Fun Game of SORRY


DINNER *Red Rice & Corn*

Well I came in last the first game, third the second and first the third. Yay me… lol it was still fun. Now I must get ready for bed because work tomorrow is early but it should be fun working the UMass Mullin’s center.


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