NEW BLOG ☺️ Mothers of all ages & Mothers who been through it all😳

After coming to terms with the some personal facts in my life I decided that creating the blog 

Pregnancy, Parenting & Abortion was def. needed and a free blog that mothers could fill out/ answer a few questions to join the author list to share stories.
Another feature I hope to bring is specific pages dedicated to each author/contributor so that they can write a little bit about themselves so we can get to know one another.

This is still new I’m still working on it … it’s a work in progress that I’m hoping to make very successful. I’m hoping that once people *Mothers & Fathers who blog read some entries & topics of discussion they’ll share this blog & hopefully some will ask to join up* 

To Join as a Author / Contributor 

  1. What side of Pregnancy, Patenting & Abortion do you come from 
  2. Age *please just so we can have a wide range of author/contributors sharing their life stories* 
  3. Location *i want to see this go around the world*
  4. Have you had any successful pregnancies
  5. Are you trying 
  6. Will you be sharing this blog on your main blog to help grow this 


5 thoughts on “NEW BLOG ☺️ Mothers of all ages & Mothers who been through it all😳

  1. Sorry, I sent too quickly. I share blogs from other bloggers over the weekend, it is part of a new format I started for 2016. Anyway, I have someone for this week, but I am happy to share it next weekend, if you’d like. I am 35. I had 3 children naturally, no drugs. They are now 3, 6 and 8. I also have 3 step children 9, 11, 13. I am from Michigan. My husband and I are not trying for any more children, he had a vasectomy almost 3 years ago and says “we’ve done enough damage to this world”. Lol. Look forward to hearing from you.


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