Getting Fit *January’s Struggle*

Getting Fit
*The January Struggle*

Welcome to 2016 with January the struggle to find a way to keep fit this month since it’s hard to do a 30 day challenge in a month of 31. Also it’s hard to do many things when your busy finding work, a place to live and such. Then again those are what we call excuses and yes I’ve used them many times. And with that I can only blame myself. 

So I’ve been trying to make sure I wear a pair of jeans every day or something with a pocket to leave my cell phone in it to track my EVERY STEP. I’ve been doing pretty good well alright I’m sugar lying that. I’m doing alright but not were I’d want to be. 

January’s Foot Steps So FAR!
1st 1,778
2nd 1,721
3rd 2,606
4th 13,125 *keep in mind I worked an 8 hour shift that day*
5th 2,321
6th 1,471
7th *THAT’s TODAY!* I’ll be sure to update this post tad bit later tonight! But for the last 6 days in 2016 that I’ve been tracking with my cell phone I’ve tracked 23,022 steps and well that’s PRETTY STINKY when the average person is supposed to take 10,000 A DAY! 

Well now that it’s 12:28 am on Thursday morning on January 7th. I’m going to publish this post and well head to bed or attempt to head to bed… many things on my mind and well lots to do little time to do it in.

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