The Jar of Happiness ☺️

The Jar of Happiness!
*365 Day’s of Memories*

Congratulations you’ve made it through 2015 and you’ve survived everything life has thrown at you, but do you remember it the good, the bad and the best times of your lives. Yes and no I’m sure you’ll all say. Well I attempted this a few years back and failed! That was because I got so lost in happiness that I forgot to do it… well now I’m back with a vengeance and plan to complete this task. Every day of 2016 I’m going to write down ONE amazing thing that happened to me that day and seal it in a jar! I prefer a 32oz mason jar and little square pieces of paper! So far I’m on DAY 4 of 2016! Yay! So far off to an amazing start. At the end of each month I’ll take a picture of my jar so you all can see how cool it will look, try to switch up the color’s of the paper to make it a tad more festive if you’d like I’m using square paper from the dollar tree it’s cheap and easy. Total cost for this is under $5.00 to create and the rest is up to you. Then once December 31st, of 2016 rolls around before the ball drops read every amazing moment in your life with the ones you love.


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