Welcome Project 52 *Inspired by a Fellow Blogger*



Every week of 2016 I’m going to blog a post of an unedited photo that was either taken by my iPhone 6s or my Nikon D3200. At the end of the year on December 31 of 2016 I’ll be putting them into a collage if I can make it fit or into one big blog post of all the magical moments of 2016.
This project was inspired by a fellow blogger Sarah.

January will have five posts.

February will have four posts.

March will have four posts.

April will have five posts.

May will have four posts.

June will have four posts.

July will have five posts.

August will have four posts.

September will have four posts.

October will have five posts.

November will have four post.

December will have SIX POSTS.

I will be posting on Saturdays of each week. Since this year didn’t start on a Sunday, so it’s a Saturday post. I’m not sure exactly what each post will bring something happy,  something sad, something weird and something just completely out of the blue. So keep watching this first post unfortunately is going to be a DAY LATE only due to my lack of keeping myself awake during the day. ENJOY-


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