😍Man Crush Monday😍

😍Man Crush Monday😍

each day of the week people hashtag different hashtags for each day of the week. On Monday’s they use the hashtags #mcm & #mancruchmonday on Mondays which is nice they give their guys special shout outs and whom they are inspired by. On Tuesday’s they use the hashtag #transformationtuesday to see a transformation from years, days or months. Then on Wednesday’s this is when girls do shout outs to the women that inspire them or whom they look up too with the hashtag #wcw or #womancrushwednesday and guys usually do their crushes, lovers and others they are inspired by. Thursday’s are the best with the #Tbt or #Throwbackthursday which gives you a completely awesome chance to travel back to your weird and strange stages in your life and get a giggle, a cry or anything that means anything to you. Friday’s are similar to Thursday’s with flashback Friday’s and their hashtag #flashbackfriday… but Saturday and Sunday don’t really have anything which is fine by me honestly but I’m lame with it and can’t always post I do it occasionally. People post this to their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I’m trying to do that and blog mine so I can share random tid bits of my life and my families. 


#MCM & #ManCrushMonday my babies are my loves

Man Crush Monday goes out to my lovely, handsome and adorable sons. They all have a special place in my heart for each one of them has given me an amazing strength in life along with an amazing life lesson. They’ve definitely saved me in many ways and I’m thankful for my angels.  


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