Untiled Poetry 

I am the leaf you see blowing across the road, I am there one minute and gone the next, 

that’s when you’re left asking yourself 

    “were did she go?”

     “how did i lose her?”

but that’s when you realize

it’s too late 

I am already gone 

a faint memory

a dream 

a thought

a wish 

but perhaps I am not as far gone as you think,

cause in that moment and time 

you catch a shadowy glimpse of me 

that blowing leaf 

and for a mere moment your heart floods with hope, love, and pain

for you urge to text, call and see me 

but it’s then you realize 

it’s too late

i am gone

a faint memory 

a dream 

a thought 

a wish 

but it’s in that moment without realizing 

your hands send that text, make that call 

your heart skips a beat in anticipation that 

i’ll answer

i’ll be there

and the truth is 

i’m not gone, 

i’m right there, 

a text away, 

a call away, 

i’m yours forever & always 
*edited poem from December 2010*
comments and thoughts greatly appreciated 


2 thoughts on “Untiled Poetry 

  1. It will be interesting to see what kind of poetry our generation has posted since when we were in school it was messages in a bottle. Now we have texting and emailing. haha. But I really like it. I would suggest making grammatical corrections with capitalizations and punctuations. Otherwise fantastic!!!


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