Happiness Found Me Again

 I lost happiness when happiness misplaced me. But it didn’t last cause we couldn’t bare to live without each other let alone go through life without seeing each other smile. 

Randy & I at a town concert (💚)  We have the same expression which is priceless cause it wasn’t planned 
I normally never smile like that unless around my children and this amazing man


the safest place i know is in his arms

he snuck my phone and stole pictures of me passed out in his arms (I love him)  
Sean, Connor, Kayden, Randy & Myself (July 2015)

My Family (Randy the man who stole my heart & my three handsome sons)

stole pictures of him sleeping 😍

the only time I get a good nights rest is in his arms 

True Love (Randy, Myself, My Three HANDSOME SONs ) my life is complete with these men in my life

I’ve never been more happy than when we started dating in February of this year. 

2.14.15 Forever & Always 💚
💕 AAH & RKL 💕



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