Lance Stinson! *Nashville’s New Rising Country Artist*


So I’m a huge bar fan at the Sunderland, Massachusetts The O’s bar. They all know me and know I’m a HUGE country fan and told me that they booked Nashville’s rising country artist Lance Stinson, although I had never heard of him. They thought I’d be very interested in his music so I googled him and his youtube video Tailgates & Dust appeared curious to know whom he was I listened to that song and before I knew it was dancing and singing along. (Yet there is an epic story to go along with that night… LMFAO I mean I was with friends when I was listening to this and we’d just taken a 2500 Chevy for a test drive but that’s for a different post)

So after checking that video out with my friends Tamara and Joe we were convinced we needed to attend this concert. I of course was working till 9 pm the night of the concert, which was fine I didn’t mind missing the opening act. The tickets weren’t bad $10.00 plus a fee. I ended up buying my mom’s ticket, my friends tickets and mine. We had a blast. Got to meet Lance and his crew which was AWESOME! I’d never been so excited. I spent about $60 on merchandise that I was lucky enough to get signed by him & also got my picture taken a half a dozen times with him. He was truly a nice guy, I also met his girl and talked with her! My mom was so excited to have a night with me and my friends. We def. agreed to do it again.

Lance closed the bar and well it was an epic night I got some amazing pictures. Check them out… He’s on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook go check out his pages and follow him. He’s an amazing artist. The music is true and speaks to you. It’s not your standard country music.


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