What To Do?!

Okay so before this year really started I had prided myself on a few blog posts that would keep me blogging, yet with some interesting life changes that have me where I am I’ve fallen completely off the blogging world.

I was doing Project 23 which I’ve completed and shall post as soon as I’m not on my laptop unless I transfer pictures which isn’t that hard just time consuming. Then I had Project 52 which was every Saturday I’d post a picture unedited off my cell phone but I’ve missed my chances cause I’ve just slacked off and had been enjoying life way to much to pay much attention to my cell phone … really happy that it’s not glued to my face.

So now I’m left with do I just forget those projects or start over…

What are you thoughts … A friend suggested changing it up a bit. hmmm gets you thinking honestly.


2 thoughts on “What To Do?!

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