I am such a horrible blogger these past few weeks… well month!

I’ve taken some huge steps and life changes to the point that it’s completely thrown me off my game and no I don’t mobile post anymore so yeah that’s hard to do too.

There will be MANY CHANGES

For starters …

Bare with me while I make some HUGE PAGE changes… features are coming down and or moving
I’ll be using this to post mainly photography, poetry, share recipes for goodies, and well of course some of my daily life.

I’m taking certain features and moving them and just getting rid of them I want a clean cut blog and I want to get it so that relates to me and my life.

please keep checking…

future posts…

Project 28 will be published!
Project 52 will be caught up… yay!
My other blog Amanda Unleashed is coming down I just don’t have time with my current life style to operate two blogs… I barely have time for friends these past few weeks… trying to get me to where I need to be.

I won’t be linking photography posts to any page you’ll have to hunt those down along with my poetry… sorry that takes time that I just am not willing to do currently maybe in the future.


3 thoughts on “BLOG UPDATES

  1. Hey your pages. I can fix them. Instead of doing a page and putting links I can have it so your tag “photography” is a page. So that will remove any extra work so others don't have to hunt down images.


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