Unemployed & Job Hunting

Unemployed & Job Hunting
The Struggles of a Mother who’s raising three boys and trying to keep a top the daily life bills.

I have been working since I was 14/15 when I started as a baby sitter watching kids in my neighborhood (perks of apartment living I guess) made decent money watching 9 kids from 2 in the afternoon till 6pm and yeah it was crazy I ran what I joked and called my own tiny daycare… but it was two families and their kids were cousins so it made it more fun since they were around my siblings ages as well huge bonus when playing outside with the kids.

Then I got my first REAL job as a server for Amherst College, now that job was fun but stressful and dealing with college students oh the joy but hey I did it perks were I got to enjoy some amazing foods… what I don’t miss was running pasta and pasta sauce in an elevator and dealing with dishroom. Miss my friends though, some knew family members over in UMass which made it great to chat with them about everyday life… I left that job and moved on to Big Y in Amherst and well worked almost 40hrs a week in high school which was CRAZY INSANE and fought with the company because they didn’t seen an issue with it. I eventually gave my two weeks cause I chose to work at store in the hampshire mall for less hours with more money until I got sick and chose to leave, gotta love depression and anxiety. Yes you can suffer immensely from those to the point you can’t function or even do tasks for day to day living and yes I’m living proof you can overcome them … and NO I AM NOT ON MEDICATION FOR IT, I’ve stopped medication as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my first son, so please don’t use medication as a gateway. I then found myself working odd jobs such as Avon, Athena’s, Tupperware before getting another job where I shockingly worked fast food with my sister at Burger King in Hadley before just up and leaving due to safety reasons when they didn’t feel the need to accommodate a pregnant woman. I then wound up working for Stop & Shop and leaving close to term in my second pregnancy causing me to work some silly jobs after okay they weren’t silly they were just short term jobs such as Liberty Tax in Amherst and well that was a blast! I kinda enjoyed that job though I felt odd about it… then getting to work for a school and still am employed at (just never work at) before getting hired at UMass in Amherst working in their HR department in their Whitmore Administration building sadly I miss that job and the people I worked for even if they laid me off. Then for the short time period from August to October of last year I spent countless hours searching for a job and landed one with Yankee Candle and well that was seasonal and ended in December so yeah before Christmas and right after I traded my Yukon in for a newer truck! HOLY FUCK! Talk about dying… talk about getting shafted in ways you never thought could possibly happen.

So now it’s February 4 of 2015 and I’m still unemployed and worst part is not many places are hiring and jobs I’ve applied to and tried to get just well passed me by, downfall of no degree, I’ve got experience is great but now a days everything wants some kind of degree and with three kids under 7 and two who aren’t in school it makes for getting a degree mighty hard, let along I couldn’t afford school period. So I hit up craigslist, local schools, search the web and constantly watch the newspaper for current job openings and make constant phone calls to places that might or could be hiring… then it’s always networking with friends via social media since some work and try to find people to work at their job with them. I guess it’s a bonus for them, they get to hang with their friends while working especially if you’re able to work and keep focus on what you’re supposed to be doing.

Well now it’s back to being a mother and job hunting… wish me luck folks… hopefully something bites soon!


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