Crock Pot Beef Stew (Revamped)

I am always experimenting in making my foods taste different or trying something new with them.

I made crock pot beef stew last year and wanted to make it again this year and well that’s just what I’ve done! 
I of course don’t make it in the traditional way either, so below is my recipe and of course I’ll post a lovely image of the finished product since its been in the crock pot for a few hours now.

What you’ll need:
8 potatoes
1 onion
1 garlic clove (use as much as you want I only use about half)
10 baby carrots cut in 1/4 pieces
2 stalks of celery diced up
about two and half pounds of beef tips
6 cans beef gravy


I use two cups water
2 tablespoons of beef bouillon
1/4 tablespoons of the following seasonings
-season salt
-minced garlic
-basil leaves
-oregano leaves
-garlic powder
-onion powder
-italian seasoning
-margoram leaves

add a dash of salt and pepper to your liking

Cook on high for 6 hours
add 4 cans beef gravy stir and
cook on medium for 2 hours

with the remaining to cans of gravy heat up in sauce pan with taking two spoonful’s of beef broth/juice from inside the crock pot and heat up on low (do this towards the last twenty minutes of the cook time for the crock pot)

scoop food into bowl
drizzle gravy over food
and serve with biscuits


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