Project 12!
Project 12 (created threw the ideas of Miss Sarah the author behind
Sarah’s Uncensored blog… she’s the one who created and is working on Project 365 (a version of her own) and Project 52)
In Project 12 I’ll be looking through all photo’s taken on the last day of the week either Friday or Saturday depending on if I took a photo that day or not. Once I have that month’s worth of photo’s for the First week of the next month I’ll create a poll for viewers to vote on for WHICH is that month’s TOP PHOTO, cause at the end of the project I’m going to post the tops for each month, I’ll hopefully grow this bigger next year.

So while I was debating on how to introduce this project and how to share what I was going to do I am going to post images that I took with my iPhone 6, not using my digital camera for this project. Next year maybe I’ll do a project with that but for now it’s just my photography camera that I use to do more extreme things with, keep watching I’ve got some amazing shoots coming up. 

So check back to see a post for each week of January 2015! 

Each Week will follow these dates
January 3rd
January 10th
January 17th
January 24th
January 31st 

Not all images will be of my children of family they could be of my pets and nature that I found inspirational at the time… bare with me this is a work in progress kind of project. I’m trying to remember to capture the best moments of my life. 


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