New Hobby! … READING

I was never the one to pick up a book and read, until this year.
A close person to my heart started reading and keyed my interest when he told me what he was reading American Sniper, after doings some mild research on my computer since it was a movie that I was and am desperate to see I started reading it.
Shortly after my sister Katie was talking all about this movie coming out in February which just happens to be Fifty Shades of Grey, they aren’t cheap books and on iTunes where I bought all my books since I’ve decided that reading off my iPad mini suits me better than reading hard paperbacks I’d buy the bundle for Fifty Shades and get a few books.
My first purchase was American Sniper and let me tell you that is a damn good book it honestly has made me want to see the movie more now than just the previews shown on t.v., facebook, and other social media.
My second purchase happened to be Fifty Shades Trilogy bundle and Unbroken (another book that was turned into a movie)

Before I choose to get anymore books I’m going to finish American Sniper then read Unbroken and finish the Fifty Shades Trilogy, then I’ll look at getting a few other books that have peeked my interest.

But side not let’s review what I’ve read so far

Fifty Shades of Grey:

I bought and started reading this book on January 13, of 2015 and finished it six days later, pretty impressive for someone who HATED reading period, unless it was college text then it was just whoops let’s get it done and over with. This book captured me, it was something that played along in your mind as you read it which made you not want to stop reading, I can recall one day I said thirty minutes before bed until I looked up at my clock and say it was two minutes to three am, yeah tell me I didn’t get lost in the words of this book. 
I’ll be posting a better RECAP OF THIS BOOK… so watch this blog!
American Sniper: 
I bought this book oh second week of January and well started reading it and stopped at Chapter three to read the book my sister is begging me to take her too in February and well honestly I can see why. But American Sniper is a must read to anyone who wants to see the movie or who has seen the movie since it’s the tell all tale from the man and people there, not what was placed in the movie. Movies are always different. This book yet captivates my inner mind to visualize everything that I am reading and make it come to life in my head. So if you’re into these kind of non-fiction books check this one out, I highly recommend it. 



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