Top 14 Moments of 2014!

Top 14 Moments of 2014

Every year we’ve got moments in our life that we define as the best and which happen to be the most amazing parts of our lives, for myself 
I’m going to share the TOP 14 even though there were plenty more than that. 

First of 2014 was a crazy year for myself and my family, it was a year full of loss and nothing good but we made it out of 2014 and we’ve come very far.

  1. My Son’s 3rd Birthday! He’s def. the source of 1/3 of my strength
  2. My Valentines (My Three Sons)
  3. My Birthday *I was able to see and spend time with some amazing people*
  4. Traded in my Yukon for a Ram 1500
  5. My Son’s 2nd Birthday! Yay he’s two already times flown can’t believe it! 
  6. My Son’s 6th Birthday! HE’s SIX OMG he’s turning into such a little man
  7. My Son started Kindergarten this year! OMG where has the time gone! 
  8. He entered my life and showed me that I’m more than just a image and that I’m a beautiful woman that deserves better
  9. Went to three different concerts (Luke Bryan, Randy Houser, Aaron Lewis)
  10. Got reconnected with old friends
  11. Learned about myself
  12. Hosted many parties (Holiday, Birthdays & others)
  13. Found my strength 
  14. Got my YODA Kitty

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