A NEW YEAR so why not a NEW WAY TO SAVE!

OMG here we go with the NEW YEAR NEW ME crap
well that’s just not the case with this! 

I’ve never been one to well be good at saving, so I’m going to implement TWO types of SAVINGS come 2015.
First which will be explained in this blog is 52 weeks of savings
Second which will be titled 365 days will explain the next one and yes I’ll be doing both of these! 

52 Weeks of Savings:
Okay this only works if you remind yourself to do this. AT THE END OF EVERY WEEK (pick Friday or Saturday) to put MONEY in either a Savings account or special lock box that you’ll hide again after placing the money in. 
Week One: $1 dollar
Week Two: $2 dollars
Week Three: $3 dollars
Week Four $4 dollars 
so on and so on do you get the drift… each week you place the amount of money it’s 52 weeks of savings each week of the year you place that week number in the jar 
YOU’LL SAVE $1,378 dollars! If in a savings account a little more due to interest made there so if you want that route do that up. LOL It’s a great way to save money for family vacations for the next year or something you’ll need come christmas. 
This is something I’m def. going to try… plus my other one woot woot I’d be rolling in the $$$$ with the next way to save! 

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