356 Days of SAVING!!!!

365 Days to Savings!
66,795.00 in savings! 
(according to a google finding- i’ll of course add it out myself to make sure its correct)
according to me adding all those numbers 1-365 together 1+2+3 etc. it came to a total of $63,541.00!

I know I know that’s a good CHUNK OF CHANGE right! But How Did I Get That Total? You’ve got to be questing it just slightly. First off I googled it… ha ha ha then not trusting much these days on the web I decided to actually ADD it out myself! Let me tell you that took some time and some patients I don’t recommend it when kids are awake, they tend to ask LOTS of questions and slightly mess ya up on the count. 
According to Google search you can save $66,795.00 for 365 if you take it and increase it for each day of the 365 days. I added it out myself and got only $63,541.00 for 365 days. Either way I’m still going to attempt this goal of mine and stick it in a savings account… I’ll watch the account grow mark the interest and subtract it from the total at the end of the year to see who was correct google or myself. 
So in a similar aspect we’ve got to save mega money for a year and see what we can do with it. 
In retro -spect if you do both 52 and 365 you’d be looking at a savings of 64,919.00 for a whole year! Now what could you do with that in the coming year?! On top of your taxes… hmmm I could name a few things! 

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