Mason Jar of HAPPINESS

Mason Jar of HAPPINESS

For my goal to remind myself of the best and happiest moments in 2015 I’ve decided that I’m going to COLLECT my moments in a mason jar. I know it sounds weird but it’s something that I thought would be kinda neat. I saw something similar on the web can’t recall which place either facebook or pinterest. But I’m going to follow through on this along with another few projects.

-Mason Jar of Happiness

What you’ll need:
Mason Jar (32oz)
Paper (small no sticky notes or index cards they will make it fill faster and cause notes to stick together)
Pen (best way to write a moment)

once you’ve written you’re moment place it in the jar, don’t read these moments until 12/31/2015 when the year comes to an end when you reflect on all that you’ve done! You’ll see the happiest times of your life flash back as you re-read those moments.


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