Wacky Wednesday! and it ain’t even over!

Wow it’s only WEDNESDAY!

Wow, this day starting off with that simple text was all this gal needed honestly! I was made fun off because I was smile from ear to ear simply because I was able to spend time with someone who completely gets me and only wants what is best for me. Seriously the voice of reason the voice of sanity in a world of confusion and hectic chaos. A platonic friendship that’s honestly never gone anywhere so don’t start assuming things.

We met up for lunch where I sadly didn’t eat couldn’t at the place and well was asked about 100 times if I was going to eat and I said no I was fine, this person has been so worried since my hospital trips and such I swear if something were to happen they’d be lost a little. I know for the past few months we’d talk at the worst times in our lives and at the worst hours but we managed to keep each other grounded. We’ve never done anything to ruin either one of ours lives but we’ve agreed that we’d never let one another get hurt if we could do anything about it. We come from similar backgrounds and lifestyles. It was funny today we joked that if we could run away with the kids we’d both relocate to North Carolina because it’s just so beautiful down there, but Mass is where we are at for our children.

Got dinner and cookies to bake with a smile on my face and thoughts running through my head with no where to end honestly today maybe something people would be oh bummer you didn’t get the job I’m honestly not fretting it because I got to spend 30 minutes with someone who gets me who understands me and wants nothing but the best for me, has since we’ve met and will till we die. That and I got to visit my long time friend at Sunoco (once every year on this day seems like I visit there) and well hey I can’t help that I enjoy chatting with everyone there. Even if they pick on me!


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