I’m BACK! Tilley The Elf’s BACK!

Tilley the ELF is BACK 

Tilley The ELF is BACK!
Day 1 (2014)
Tilley the Elf came back from the North Pole this year the day after Thanksgiving right on time and well my kids couldn’t even contain their excitement besides freaking out saying he’s back mom the eld he’s back. The magic of Tilley has kept my kids getting up earlier every day just so they can try to locate him in the house, it’s been very fun. A few times Lorne has hidden him and well those places are very guy located and simple and basic. I’ve tried to get creative … We’re like 12 days into this magic time of the year… so let’s see what’s happened with Tilley’s come back!
Tilley Just Hanging out
trying not to become Dog/Kitty Toy
Day 2 (2014)
Tilley watching Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas
Day 3 (2014)
Tilley reading to his buddys!
Day 4 (2014)
(Staged by Lorne)
Day 5 -2014-
Stalking the late night sneakers!
(Staged by Lorne)
Day 6 -2014-
trying to turn off the smoke alarm so he can bake some magic goodies

(Staged by Lorne)
Day 7 -2014-
bathroom watching … gotta make sure the boys wash their hands and not play with things they
aren’t supposed to 

(Staged by Lorne)
Day 8 -2014-
yeah I have no story behind this one … lol 

(Staged by Lorne)
Day 9 -2014-
another window perch watching the boys guarding the house

Tilley watching the boys bedroom
Day 10 (2014)
Sleepover with the boys
Day 11 (2014)

(Staged by Lorne)
Day 12 -2014-
playing hide and seek with the pets

Well that’s been our 12 Days so far and I look forward to seeing what people have done this year and past years… it’s nice to hunt on pinterest to get some ideas and spice them up a little. Hope you’ve enjoyed our past 12 days … check back i’ll try to post daily pictures of Tilley The Elf.


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