Autumn Center Pieces

 Autumn Center Pieces
(Autumn Center Pieces created and designed by Amanda Hatt) 
Photo’s belong to A.Hatt Photography 
Idea and Photo’s must be accredited accordingly
I’m sure EVERYONE has thought of these but these two came through the ideas of myself and my three sons! 

Now that Autumn is practically in FULL BLOOM, it’s time to get the homes feel a lot more like Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas! Yeah it’s early but hey I like to DECORATE my house with arts and crafts created and made by my son’s and myself. 

First off we need to realize what you want in a center piece. Second you need to asses what items you’ll need to create such center pieces and even if it’s something that can be done with kids. Last you’ll want to make sure you have the space to do the project and the patients needed to attempt any project. 

Autumn Center Pieces:

What You’ll Need

-Mason Jars
-Leaves (Real or Fake but if real please make sure they are DRY)
-Hot Glue Gun
-Hot Glue Gun Glue
-Tea Light Candles
-Crushed Sea Shells
*these also make AMAZING GIFTS*


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