What a WEEKEND! I mean really I’m happy that it’s back to school for my babies. I haven’t kicked my allergies either I’ve never been this BAD!

THE DAY MY IPHONE WENT BUH BYE! Grrr I lost it due to an accident that happened last month with it falling into EGG BATTER.
It was a nice day, everyone was up at a decent hour, breakfast was yummy and Lorne went off to work… the normal. I was a tad sluggish since my allergies had been acting up all week and only gotten worse over time but I’m too STUBBORN to visit my doctors office, so don’t even think of referring me to make an appointment. The babies got baths and Connor was woken up just in time to eat and get dressed… I was off to cash checks, pay bills, get a replacement phone and oh yes… quickly do some food shopping. Yay! Then it was home to make a killer dinner made by ME! Yeah that’s right I did it amazingly well too… sneaky and a tad frustrated but it was done. We skipped out on family movie night though since some little boy’s refused to listen and help with nightly pick up. But that was okay didn’t sleep well thanks to my allergies.

HAPPY LAZY ARTs & CRAFTs DAY!  I mean clean, arts, crafts, cook, parent and root for the Patriot’s day! Along with the Redo Sox! Woot woot who yes both teams won! Yeah baby good day to be a New England Pat’s Fan and Boston Red Sox fan. It was a rough day since little man didn’t want to nap and the older boys didn’t want to listen PERIOD to either dad or me so that canceled family movie night yet again! Grrr I really want to watch BRAVE but don’t want to watch it without my babies. Yeah I’m a DISNEY MOVIE LOVER. I’m going to start a tradition WEEKLY to watch a Disney movie with my babies. Today we watch Mulan II that was on Disney Jr. Then we cleaned up before dad was to get home from work.

Well let’s get to the fun part PICTURES!

Saturday Pictures!

My Friday Night REWARD he he he before my fun with my mother!

My kids got spoiled and it was WELL WORTH IT! Yummy

Chester’s Farm had PUMPKIN’s lol we SOLD lot’s of pumpkins and we keep selling them! Contact me
amanda.hatt@outlook.com put Chester’s Farm Information in the subject

RESTOCKED and READY for more CUSTOMERS come at us, get your fresh veggies and amazing pumpkins… can’t wait!

Saturday Night FAMILY DINNER it’s shocking to get pictures but don’t worry we didn’t use our phone’s we’ve vowed a few new things…

SUNDAY pictures…

Arts & Crafts with the babies and POTTY TRAINING of course! Yay 2 hours and one accident with little man Woot Woot proud mom!

Going to do this later on with a canvas and paint will be amazing!

Sunday night DINNER right before BED!

Well that was my weekend that made me LOVE BEDTIME!


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