What a Lovely Weekend

until we I got SICK!

Recap quickly: This past weekend was filled with FUN! We got to celebrate Sean’s 6th Birthday but we missed his friend’s party at Mill River which was horrible sad since he really wanted to go but with me sick I just couldn’t muster the strength but we had fun at home.

Saturday, September 13th, 2014:

Wow! It’s Sean’s party day already! Up & at’em early in the morning! Had to finish getting a few things for the party from food to cake! The part was at 1pm and went until about 5pm which was great everyone had fun even if it did rain. While the family set up the house and outside area I ran to town to run to the bank then headed off to stop and shop were I gabbed with Ginger my old boss who adores my children and how our son’s had a liking for SpongeBob Squarepants. Then after completing my shopping it was back home to get this party going, minus having Lorne run down to get more propane. That’s a normal for us I guess always forgetting something.

The party was awesome even if it really was just family and close family friends that are honestly much life family. Of course this party was a great success and everyone had a blast… don’t worry I’ll share pictures!

Sunday, September 14th, 2014: 


I got to spend most the day in BED since I didn’t sleep well and woke up with a stupid cold sore, which yes started on Saturday but got extremely worse on Sunday, but thankfully as a 20 year old vet of them freaking things I knew exactly what to do but to keep stress to a minimum was honestly the trick, worst part was the fact the cold sore split opening which made contact with my children to a minimum that way they don’t get this nasty curse. Then after resting most the day I ventured us out to stop and shop to get some food for the home. It was overall a very restful day for me with minor stress. But hey I am a parent life don’t come without a little stress! To be perfectly honest.



Selfie of my cute Winter Bunny Attire

Hiding in the light the imperfections at sight

Little Red and his Aunty Betsy


AquaDoodle and he loved it!

this is an on going toy war in this house! lol

Cousin Ron & Cousin Shauna with Hershey Girl

we may not always get along but for family we are always there

My pregnant sister Misty and her boyfriend James aka Jim!

6th Birthday Cake for Sean


dark photography

German Shepherd


Grasshopper!!!! Pretty!

Wooly Bear!

my silly kitty


roll over

“Rainbow in the SKY” as my son SCREAMED!



sunset thirty minutes later

sunset an hour later

sunset two hour and half later

sunset two hours later

   Well that was my lovely weekend!


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