Hey Hey Hey!


We’ve got a NEW BANNER!
Designed by myself, edited by myself, photo’s taken by myself, and created myself!
please don’t steal images and ideas without giving credit to me

Yay, my blog is slowly making it’s way to being different. I’m now aware that I’ve had a few people spying and watching my public account that’s fine I’ve got a private blog located at The Private Life of the Shlacker’s Family which is password protected through Tumblr.

As of today we’ve revamped the HEADER! With new pictures and well a totally different layout with almost all the same sayings, just looks nicer. I’m going to bring back a page but am changing it a bit, Author Behind The Blog (coming soon of course). I’ve edited almost all the pages so the links work correctly, I’ve also added links that were forgotten and I’m adding new recipes and photography. 

I want to keep in touch with my viewers as much as possible. I have kept links to Twitter, Pinterest and my e-mail, theres a link to my instagram but it’s private so you won’t see much besides my description and profile photo. 

Look forward to the following changes!

Wildwood Photography

Luke Bryan Concert 
Rainy Day Cell Phone photography
Chicken Pot Pie

I’ll be sharing my tupperware recipes that I’ve used in my house too! Ooooh and please if you’re interesting in ordering let me know! I love my tupperware it makes storing my lovely meals away so easily and makes food last LONGER! 


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