Something Random! 13 Friends!

smiley13 Friends Surveysmiley

Can you name 13 friends? Right off the top of your head.
Don’t look at the questions below before naming all 13 friends. This is a lot more fun if you actually do it randomly. So list all 13 friends first … NO CHEATING! Then answer all 25 questions without changing the order of the friends listed!

  • Misty
  • Josh C.
  • Lorne
  • Mary 
  • Shauna
  • Katie T.
  • Nicky
  • Jason H.
  • Ange
  • Jason T.
  • Peter 
  • Pete
  • Pete L.
  1. Is 1 your best friend?    Yes, she’s like my sister! 
  2. Do/Did you go to school with 8?  Yes
  3. How’d you meet 10? School
  4. Have you ever seen 4 cry?   Yes
  5. Would 11 and 2 make a good couple?   NO NO NO Uhm very much NO! 
  6. Are you good friend with 13?    Yes child hood buddies all the way!
  7. Would you go on vacation with 6?   Yes she’s my older sister! 
  8. Do you think 5 is cute?   Yes she’s my quackers!
  9. Did you ever kiss 9?    Uhm that’s my cousin
  10. Would you ever date 2?    YES! 
  11. Does your family get along with 13? Yes long time family friend!
  12. Something about number 1? Easy we’ve been through HELL leterally 
  13. How did you meet 8? School
  14. What’s 7’s favorite color? Oh crap this is sad like very sad! 
  15. What would you do if 6 just confessed that they liked you? I’d chuckle cause that won’t ever happen!
  16. Fact about 9? She’s CrAzY but we love her!
  17. What does 1 do for a living? She’s a SAHM 
  18. How many times have you hung out with 8? Not enough he’s a good buddy though
  19. Would you ever live with 12? Uhm no… good time family friend 
  20. Is 2 single?   to be perfectly honest I’m unsure and I’ll know when they tell me 
  21. Where does 7 live?    New Hampshire! 
  22. What do you think about 2? That he’s honestly one of the best guy friends I’ve ever known! 
  23. Whats the worst thing about 5? There isn’t anything I can say! that’s the truth
  24. Who is 11 going out with? He’s married to his wife Lillian 
  25. What do you like about number 3? hmmm he’s good with the kids

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