What A WEEK! School’s Started Once Again!

What A Week! 

Congratulations Amanda you’ve made it to the last full week of AUGUST! This has been such an amazing week too minus the stress and drama that wasn’t wanted nor needed by some crap!

Monday, August 25th, 2014:
It’s never a normal Monday it’s always a MANIC Monday with some added stress and drama that’s honestly not needed but yet is always following or lerking in some sad way. Monday was a tad stressful but worth it as I got to take my babies to UMass again to play by stone hinge! They love going there and I don’t mind taking them. Then it was home for baths and bed since we grabbed dinner while out. Lorne was working late, by that I mean forever late basically to close.
Tuesday, August 26th, 2014:
PREP in the am for a in-home meeting with Amherst Community Childcare… Honestly these crack me up and honestly don’t tell me things I don’t know they basically come to see if they house is were I’m actually living and same with the children. Oh well it’s simply quick and fairly easy when people don’t piss me off. Then it was off to get my babies from school then grab my sister from her place then off to the playground then home for dinner with added guests that we’d hadn’t seen in awhile due to crap that well came to light that night. Then it was bed after Lorne brought them home.
Wednesday, August 27th, 2014:
Grrr Comcast you suck and messed this day up!
A Day thrown to hell all cause Comcast Tech’s suck sometimes while others go above and beyond. Got to celebrate Sean’s last day at ACC which was nice since he’d be attending his first day of Kindergarten the very next day no actual break between school he’d been in school practically since 9.9.2013 until his first vacation in his new school! Yikes but on the upside my son loves education and loves to learn so that’s a plus! He can honestly thrive and never not feel like he’s never learning. Then it was baths and bed for ALL THE BABIES since it was a very big day once they awake.
Woot Woot! We’ve made it to Sean’s first day of Kindergarten and my babies Connor & Kayden’s first day BACK TO SCHOOL SCHOOL as during the summer season they just do normal stuff they don’t stress too much academic’s which isn’t bad but would have been nice to get double the education over the summer. We got some snazy pictures but one boy was fussy and shockingly it wasn’t the one going to a new school it was the middle child who became the big man on campus. It was sad because he stayed up REALLY LATE and he also was sad cause his big brother was no longer in school with him. We got the babies dropped off then we headed off to get Breakfast and I passed cause I wasn’t feeling Dunkin’ Donuts. Shockingly since I usually always grab a donut. Then we headed home to rest a few before having to head of to Kindergarten Orientation yes the parents attend the first day orientation where we live and honestly I think it’s a delightful idea, more town’s should do this but it’s hard when other town’s have more than one K class. Then it was home to drop Lorne off then grab Grandma Shirley to head off to lunch at Wong Garden for a SPECIAL TREAT! Then it was home to rest a bit before getting Kayden and Connor from ACC and heading home to make a delicious dinner in the oven… YEAH THE OVEN! It was good and had 5lbs of potatoes. Yikes! But yum! Then it was baths and bed! Ahhh perfect night… flew solo the whole time too!
Friday, August 29th, 2014: TGIF
We MADE IT to DAY TWO of Orientation! We also made it through a very nice and quick drop off at the ACC site this morning! It’s sad cause I’ll miss out on morning drop off’s now because Sean get’s picked up at 8:08am YIKES he slept through his alarm clock this morning too! This is gonna require weekend training! Oh hello early mornings. Then it was back up the hill to drop Sean off to school yet the kicker here was WE WERE THE FIRST ONES there in his class which was fine we got some added recess in the morning! I love that Pelham still has morning recess! It’s honestly the best thing to help the kids get some wake up in them. Then I drove a fellow parent home and we swapped numbers which is great cause our kids have been friends for awhile and went to ACC together and we just get along so well plus added bonus she loves my mother cause we all know Ma! LoL that’s the best part. Then it was home to finish all the paperwork that needs to be handed in on Tuesday when Sean goes back to school. Woot Woot! Sean got to return home on a school bus, just so happens his teacher rode home with him and fellow classmates and best part was I knew the bus driver so I’m sure my son’s gonna be talked about through ARPS since my mom works for the school system along with his great grandmother and hey wait I DO TO! Then he took off to Aunties and Grammies while I rested a little bit then we headed off to Cumbies to get a couple things before heading to get his brothers and meet up with my sister Misty to let the kids play at the nearby playground. Was so nice from 1545 to 1700 the kids played hard and by the time we got home it was dinner and bed, baths can be recieved in the morning they just wanted to crash! I wasn’t going to wake them with a bath. I spent two hours working on this very post to loose it and have to re-do it then lost my work essay which ticked me off more since I’m going to have to write that all over again. I’ll post pictures soon! 


Well that’s been my week! Come back on Tuesday!
To See How My Weekend Was!


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