Get Ready for some CHANGES

Set… … … 
Hey Y’all I’ve got some exciting changes about to take place, yet don’t worry I’m not changing my blog url that’s permanent. 
As you’ve noticed the banner has changed! Yet again! Don’t worry it will change again soon! 

I’ve got some updating to do! 
To start I’m going to be updating the children’s pages
with the 1st’s that I’ve found between my facebook page, my family and friends along with searching not one computer but at least 3! Yikes right that’s a task that I want finished by the end of the month so keep checking back! I’m taking us back to 2008! That’s a wicked sick time travel don’t you say to my first born child and then till today! (At that point August 31st hopefully!)
Family Bio page is going to be updated too! 
NEW PICTURES of Each Member! woot woot!
Get ready I’m adding a few RECIPES to my A Taste of Country Cooking! I can’t wait to share honestly! 
Can’t wait to share some of the recipes I’ve learned from Tupperware and altered to fit my families tastes too! 
Will be adding pictures to the side of my blog too since the last one that was added was back in June of this year! Yikes! 
I’ll be adding at least four to six new pictures so keep watching I could add more! he he he I’m sneaky and haven’t decided on a total just have a bunch in mind.
I have a few more posts to complete and publish 
The following are listed below with title of course 
-Luke Bryan Concert
-Livng with Cold Sores
-Overcoming Anxiety & Depression
-Vacation August 18-22 2014 
-Party Planning 101 Shlacker’s Style
-Rainy Day Photography 8.13.2014
-Wildwood Photography 8.19.2014 & 8.20.2014 
I can’t wait to have this blog caught up I feel like I’m so behind with it! I can’t wait to share some ideas on how to wrap this year up especially with a blog post that talks about the year, some do it on facebook some just don’t talk about it but I feel that it is a good way to look back and make goals for the coming year that you want to follow through with. 
Keep watching I’m sure to surprise you all with new things and neat ideas. I’m ready to also explain a little more about why I blog too. So keep reading and watching a lot of things are going to happen. 

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