Boy I’m behind in posting!
Look forward to these updates!
Since I’m behind here’s a little helpers guide to get you all caught up! I’ll post again when everythings POSTED so you all have something to read! 


NEW BANNER! Don’t you love it?! I Do!
New photo of the week… I’m getting sluggish and need to get on it a little more!

Page- A Fit Mum-ma now Becoming A Fit Mother! and an actual post!

Updates to come!

Boy’s Pages- Update adding their first day of Preschool photo and school photo along with Sean’s graduation photo!

Blog Posts:
-That Week That Had Me! Eeeeks!
-What A Weekend!
-Luke Bryan Concert!!!!
-Oh this week bite me in the rumpus
-Tupperware Weekend! ha ha ha isn’t that what a HOUSEWIFE DOES?!
-Living with Cold Sores
-ALS Ice Bucket Challenge & my thoughts!
-Overcoming Anxiety and Depression (Battling demons from the past)

Keep a watch and coming back for more!


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