What A Weekend!
(Concert gets it’s own post but I’ll give a sneak peak!)

Saturday, August 9th, 2014:
Happy Saturday! 
Up and making breakfast before the boys head off to Aunties and Grammies! 
Clean the house and prep for dinner when they come home! Lorne got to work 9-5 which isn’t bad it’s money we can use. 

Once he got home the boys went hog wild then again that’s a normal! 

Sunday, August 10th, 2014: LUKE BRYAN CONCERT 
On top that Kayden got a boo boo!

HAPPY SUNDAY, FAMILY DAY for us… we made scrambled eggs and bacon! yum! then I went to do some stuff before getting ready for our later adventure to see Luke Bryan in concert. But of course when you leave a man to watch kids someone always gets hurt this time it just happened to by my youngest and well that left me ticked off and irritated. But mom to the rescue of course and fixed him up good like new but still worried the whole time I was away at the concert then again what good mother wouldn’t worry. Then at the concert that night was crazy epic and well is best shared in photo’s so watch for that BLOG POST! ha ha ha EPIC CONCERT! 


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