Not the Normal Weekend!

Not my Normal Weekend! Instead of 2 days I got 3!
*A Weekend Unlike every other*
My weekend wasn’t what I planned but that’s okay it was still a weekend that kept me happy, especially since it was a FAMILY WEEKEND! Yay! 
Saturday, August 2nd, 2014:
Happy Saturday Y’all!
The Weekends Just Beginning
So this day started like every one before with the babies up at the crack of dawn and already on us about going to Grammies and Aunties for the part of the day, can’t say I complain she works so much and the kids have school Monday – Friday that weekday visits are impossible. So we are up earlier than we planned but hey it’s okay family breakfasts are the best. After breakfast and getting them ready it’s off to Grammies and Aunties they go, which was nice it gave Lorne & me time to do things we want to do. This weekend we wanted to FISH, so fishing it was yet I needed another pole so off to Dicks Sporting Goods we went, of course I’m now fond of the open real fishing poles, before I couldn’t do it I wasn’t the greatest but hey that’s okay I only ever had the closed reals but that’s fine I can’t complain when I’m not buying them. 
After we got my new pole of course it was an ugly stick, we headed off to check out a place Lorne used to go fishing a few years back. The place was nice, the water was too low and the area to get there was very overgrown so it was a task just walking out to check the place but that’s okay he knew of another spot off of RT 47 yet he missed the turn so we ended up in Sunderland and I knew a spot near a friends house right off the CT River which was perfect cause I had a blast even though I busted a line and caught nothing. Fishing isn’t always about the catch but the fun and company of who you choose to fish with. Then we were off to get the kids cause we had tasks to attempt to accomplish this weekend with being getting the Durango back on the road. So after getting the boys we were off to Northampton to get parts at AutoZone of course you can’t take a hick to an auto store without them wanting to look at things to deck their current vehicle out with, after that we headed off to Big Lots since we were in town and well I got some things for work and saw what I’m getting Sean for his birthday! Ha ha ha accomplishments! Along the way to Northampton we stopped off at a local farm stand to get some FRESH FARM CORN and Cukes, man I love making things with fresh veggies, we grabbed my Dad some corn and cukes and he was happy. Never not know a summer without those two important things. After visiting my dead we headed home to start in on dinner and the tasks at hand but with the time we had after that we just called the quits and called it a night, which wasn’t bad since they kids decided to head to bed early. Too bad we didn’t know that meant we’d be up most the night with hyper kids. Grrr oh well something I’m learning is that the preschool is allowing the kids to nap too long! Ugh more please for them to follow the medical notes.
(First batch of homemade dill pickles were made! Yay! I’ve created a monster though I’m addicted to making pickles now)

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014: 
The Day that helps let reality sink back in! ha ha ha
Congratulations you get to wake-up feeling blahhh thanks to lack of sleep, and you have to venture to get things since parts weren’t the right size. Best part of your lazy day is the supposedly impacting storm that’s too come that never comes… After doing the running around and getting home Lorne fell ill which was horrible because I was just in pain from lack of sleep and pinching nerves. My sister in law came down to hang with the babies so I could rest, prep food and get things going. Oh the fun of being a parent never ends and honestly I wouldn’t trade these days for the world. The kids came in tired as could be and that was awesome because it meant, food, bath and bed! Yay! Early night for us! Which was wanted and needed. Then we soon followed. Nothing more really happened besides sleep. 

Monday, August, 4th, 2014:
Personal work day taken for personal reasons that ended up with me de-stressing down at Puffers fishing before getting the oil changed in my SUV and resting before getting my babies from school, nothing fancy sorry don’t get all kinds of worked up like I’ve got gossip. 

Well that was my amazingly interesting weekend that 
can’t simply be awesome but it’s mine
I love my life and all that I do.

 Saturday’s Photo’s!

MY TACKLE SET UP, never leave home without it Skin So Soft Bug Guard (Should be in EVERY FISHERMAN’s TACKLE BOX) ask me how to get?!

Always with boots on!

Ha ha ha snipped him fishing!

so he returned the favor and got up in my face!

Zoe aka MOO!


photography ain’t a hobby it’s a passion!

kitties – baby kitties

I love living in the Country on a Farm FRESH VEGGIES

 Sunday’s Photo’s!

BREAKFAST pictures! 

these are the moments I live for!
helping mum husk Corn!


 MONDAY PHOTO’s! Added day off!

waiting at my first appointment

dress to impress!

Alright this girls back to normal!

dirt roads & country music


ha ha ha ha Always fun to fish with a buddy!


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