Let’s Get…
A Family of Five

I’m a wife
I’m a mother/mummy to three amazing babies
We’ve got two dogs and two cats
We own a home! 
We’re always on the go working, attending functions for the children and living life, so how do we keep sane… 
easy check out these neat things I’ve picked up over the years!

Coupon Binder:
  I used to use a coupon organizer that fit in your purse but with three boys, four pets, a home and regular to shop for I realized I couldn’t fit all my coupons in it. Let alone be organized enough to be efficient when shopping. So thanks to Pinterest and a few friends I came to the conclusion that a binder with plastic page protectors would work. It’s time for me to update the WHOLE BINDER from HEAD TO TOE! I mean the binder doesn’t have to be any larger than a 2” binder. For myself I’ve got a 1” and it’s fitting. I break down coupons into groups and categories that fit my lifestyle and well make it easier when writing out my shopping list. Of course this could be different for you as it is for me. 

For example I’ve got sections like 
Dairy, Frozen, Meat, Car, House, Pets, Baby, Medicine, Food, Baking, Snacks, Candy
Although I’m going to hit up Big Lots this weekend and get new plastic page protectors and dividers to rename all my sections to fit my families life style from 
Toddle, Wife, Father, Woman, Man and Child categories hopefully this works. 

Then I basically get a weekend paper pretty simple it’s great its got coupons woot woot! I love cutting coupons, best part to my life is I’ve got a year membership to BJ’s and we get monthly coupons and they have weekly specials. With a family of five plus pets making nine it’s great to buy in BULK. 

Meal Planner: 
 Idea belongs to a fellow coworker, but mines completely different in the aspect it isn’t left to me and my husband we allow the children to partake in the monthly choosings of meals. So for my set up I have a 1” binder with dividers in it marked as the following Monthly, Weekly, Holiday Meals (months with holidays that honor meals have recipes and plans down in them), Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner ideas that make it easier to remember for future months. In the planner I’ve got a pad of paper that we can write what we’re out of so that we can add it to the shopping list for the coupon binder that way we can see if we can save money on it. I sit down with the family the first weekend of each month to figure out what’s going to be needed and what our meals shall be, with school starting and working for tupperware food lasts a tad bit longer with our amazing storage containers. Ahhh it’s a blessing honestly. 

Yearly/Monthly/Weekly Planner: 
  Idea that helps me realize that with two working parents and three children with two different schools and different let out times I must make a calendar to keep up with it all from sports, to appointments, to daily life. This binder will also help keep us on budget too! You have a basic calendar standard month then behind that you’ve got daily pages. After which its followed by a section called planning, oh that’s great put all the parties you’re going to deal with throughout each month in there and deal with them as they come, works well if you think about it. In the personal section you can write and record medical, automotive and budget information, this will help when you need to keep track of the Expenses in the next section so get a receipt RECORD IT, asap that way you can track your money habits. Then in the small address section keep the MOST IMPORTANT numbers in there near a Telephone/Address book for the remainder of the numbers. Last day of each month prep for next month on the first day of each month plan that month out. 

The Binders and all the stuffings to make them work! Yay!


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