Back to Reality … the week that SHOCKED ME!

Haven’t blogged in awhile still working on my combo blog for a few weeks back and it’s a time in progress and a few other important blogs I felt should be talked about. Enjoy this past week and hey pictures included belong solely to me just aren’t stamped as they are from my cell phone. 

Monday, July 28th, 2014:

    Happy 1st Day back to work in like 2 weeks minus the 1.5 days that was worked in the first week! Manic Monday Yup, that’s an understatement. Get up like every normal work day except this time i’m REALLY, REALLY, REALLY SORE, quick shower to help relax my achy body before getting dressed and helping Lorne tackle the boys, they really aren’t that bad. Lorne just has issues putting onesie’s on, then again what man has that down? Once dressed and bags were together we loaded them up into Mum’s SUV as they say instead of Aunty’s car. Of course during this commute to town we’d get stuck with ROAD WORK in Pelham! Grrr like if we weren’t running late as it was. Once they were dropped off and checked in it was a race to the cars and off we went, for me work wasn’t that far and I was finally able to park in Lot 32! Yay! So much closer than the old Lot 33 down by the stadium. Upon walking in after the lovely rainy night we had and avoiding puddles that were every where I decided to stop at Whitmore Cafe since it was in the lower part of where I worked, then headed up to my office and getting settled in. Once settled in and had the system up and running I checked my work e-mail since I’d been out since Thursday, July 17th, 2014 and made one quick visit in on July 23rd that had me leaving shortly after changing the system password to my account and getting sick which surprisingly weren’t much there except an email from my boss explaining that he’d helped me out while I was sick and that I’d be starting from prep stage again! Thanks man I wasn’t expecting that at all, goes to show you UMass helps even when you’re out. At that point I headed downstairs via elevator and anyone who knows me knows I’m not a fan obviously I was still in pain. I went peaked to see if one of my bosses was in and the door was closed so off to the second and got my assignment then ask to take it easy and do half day today which was nice they said yes and asked if I’d get all the work done and I said yes, got them all scanned in which wasn’t asked of me! Ha ha ha felt great about that then I was off at 13:40 instead of 13:30 which wasn’t bad I still made it to the bank and got all my banking done before meeting up with my former teacher, fishing buddy & range buddy for lunch who’d been dying to make sure I was alive after hearing about my mishap that happened on July 20th. Then it was home to rest before having to get the kids and before our trip to look at a Dodge Ram 2500. Before getting the kids it stormed bad with a Tornado Warning that was like oh joy I’m not sure truck browsing in the rain sore and grumpy would be with three fussy babies, so I asked to not go and head to town to get dinner and such. It was nice I saw my mother and her mother too, along with my sister whom I’d not have taken too since I’d called police to get property of mine back. I’m still waiting on that I’ll have Lorne talk to them again Wednesday when they come to get more of their stuff out of my suv that they trashed. Oh well lesson learned there too. Then it was home to feed the family and get them ready for bed and curl up myself … had my dinner by candle light in my bed watching tnt until I chose to go to sleep around 22:22 last night.

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014:

Happy 39th Birthday Lorne!
Happy Manic Tuesday and by MANIC I literally mean… MANIC! I was up at 06:00 today but hit snooze too sleep till 06:20 and sadly slept to 07:00 when little man came crawling up on top of me saying wake up mum. Uh oh! But that wasn’t the hold up the worst part was traveling to town and again getting stuck in ROAD WORK that by now we should be used to and accommodate accordingly to the seasons, yet we never really honestly do. It’s a sad thing but a true New Englander move honestly we are wicked bad at accommodating the travel times from leaving home to getting to where we need to be. Once we got through the road work the commute to Amherst well was further more annoying since it was backed up thanks to the lovely road work. We got the boys to school at 0820 and it gave me just enough time to make it into work on time myself. It was a normal work shift for me 0830 to 1630 with some interesting news that well wasn’t something I’d prefered to have heard after two weeks off due to medical reasons. But oh well made it through the work day like a champ and held my head high, which impressed everyone. Then walked out with my co-worker chatting and planning some fun for the next few days with all that’s happening in our division, after which I headed off to grab my babies from school which honestly I couldn’t WAIT to do. Got nothing but good reports from all the staff on how amazing my babies were, then it was everyone run to the SUV to get in and head home since it was a night with just mom, which was fun since I got them in the house and gave them their sleep gummies (Doctor’s orders) before dinner… which was two different things Red Rice and White Rice and those are just the kids names for them. After dinner it was BEDTIME since we all had to get up and head to work well everyone except daddy. I then decided to try my Color Oops that is supposed to help lighten and take color mistakes out of your hair well it doesn’t work AT ALL, a huge waste of money honestly and it makes your hair smell NASTY no amount of washing seemed to get rid of the smell after washing and drying it, oh well lesson learned. Once I was done with that Lorne was home and I was off to bed, I was exhausted and the smell of my own hair was getting to me.

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014: 

Try Walking a Mile in My Shoes! Literally!!!!

Welcome to a day of pure awkwardness after the afternoon part of yesterday, but it wasn’t bad until I got the phone call stating my oldest had a fever of 101.6, was complaining of stomach pains, head pains and was shaky from chills. That of course was two hours into my work shift, there was maybe a possible hope of returning to work that day until what they were diagnosed with Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, joyful right. Work was great all two hours of it, from 0830 to 1006 because at around 0930 I received a phone call stating I needed to pick my son up from school, so I immediately contacted my boss asking to leave in concern for my son. After doing that I was able to contact my husband and have him make my son an appointment at his pediatrics office which wasn’t until 1100 and which I thought wasn’t soon enough but actually was perfect since my son’s school chewed our ears off… Grrr ignorance at it’s bliss… BLAHHH! As soon as we get my son to his appointment and checked in he coated his father in barf along with the waiting area … eeeeks! I freaked by accident then again I almost joined in on that, sadly I’m bad with barf. Once in they saw him and well told us ultimately he had Hand Foot & Mouth and well I freaked at first I thought it was strep throat and I would have been okay with that. Then in midst of this appointment I’m accepting another phone call from the same number that called earlier about my oldest telling me I need to come get my youngest who’s got a higher fever than his brother…. Grrr get him and head home… to relax a bit… after which we noticed his fever spiked to 105.3 and we called the doctors immediately and they took their time calling me back but I had an inclination on what to do… 

When a child has a fever over 103 don’t panic, strip the child to their underwear or diaper, give them a cool cloth, read temperature again if still that high fill bath tube halfway with LUKEWARM WATER, I can’t stress that enough too hot will upset the child and too cold with actually harm the child at this point and send them into shock. If that doesn’t help follow direction on how much acetophenone to give don’t do something else most will irritate their stomachs, then if still high within an hour call doctors office, if this doesn’t sound good please feel free to contact your doctors

Then we loaded up and headed off to get Monkey Man from school the only one who isn’t sick and then off to get stuff to help the sicklings soup, juice, pops and well drop something off to my nanny then home we went to end the night and well it was a long one sadly with getting up every few hours with the kids. I of course set alarms to get up and email out of work since no one wanted to watch my children then again I honestly don’t blame them it’s highly contagious.

Thursday, July 31st, 2014 HAPPY LAST DAY OF JULY:

Got up at an early time to make sure I could email work explaining that no one could watch my kids but I’d be in Friday since I made my husband take the day off since our kids had to be out. Lorne brought Monkey Man to school who tried to fake us out and say he was sick he was completely fine he just wanted to stay home. Then it was attempt to get the boys fed realizing that what they wanted I didn’t have so it was yogurt and pop tarts then off to the store to get some things and head home to have lunch and take a nap then play before having to get their brother. It was a very relaxing day honestly, they got to rest and play. Then it was off to meet my mom so she could go get my monkey man from school then it was off to walmart to get the main reason of being diapers, potty training chair for kayden, since he’s showing interest and oh yes a few things for myself since I goofed on my hair trying it alone and well yeah Lorne tried to fix it and I’m getting used to it… lmfao. Well it’s time for a snack and bed since it’s 2353. See you all tomorrow when I blurb shortly in the am. 

Friday, August 1st, 2014 HAPPY FIRST DAY OF AUGUST!:

TGIF, woot woot… Happy Friday, weekend for me is actually a THREE DAY WEEKEND, got a fun family weekend in store since my babies are feeling better and well Monkey Man never got it which I’m so thankful for. Today starts the countdown for my LUKE BRYAN Concert and for those who want to run their mouths my tickets WERE FOR FREE and yeah they are decent seats I’m just lucky and have amazing friends so run your mouths. Work is the normal shift 0830 to 1630 then home to my babies… can’t wait honestly I miss them so much, work is amazing but being a parent is a blessing some are lucky to have. Well that’s my day so far come back TUESDAY when I updated on everything this weekend!

Now my week in photo’s!





Family Photo 7.29.14 Happy Birthday Lorne!



even after that I still struck a smile!


Wednesday: (Oh this was a Day)


Thursday: (Day Off) 





I LOVE THIS PICTURE and my best friend told me this was his favorite! 

TGIF & First Day of August!!

Senior year jeans!


My new color Medium Auburn Brown over a natural red… pretty!



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