Sorry Y’all … !!!!

Sorry for the lack of blogging these past two weeks it’s not like me to get this behind but my
life has taken some interestin twist and turns but hey I’m here, happy, healthy, kids are happy, healthy and we’re alive!!!!
We’ve been living life!
So again I’m SORRY Y’ALL that I’ve been away for two weeks not posting or updating this page, what’s new reently was a new banner and updated weekly photo that yes needs to be updated again!
I’ve been away for personal reason that were going to be published in three different blog posts but I’ve been working on combining them in one that will be intitled
“Life As I Saw It July 14th till July 27th!”
It will cover the battle we had wit Head Lice, the fun that happened over the time and the bad that had me out of work for a week! I’m slowly heeling but support from close family and friends have been amazing.
Again I appoligize to those who actually read my blog! I’m trying to make this a party of my daily life!


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